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I am a regular customer to SETC, travelling back and forth between Chennai and Bangalore. It’s been almost two years since I moved to Bangalore for work and not even a single time I experienced a smooth travel in SETC. The reason why i beckoned to this service is because of its availability and moderate ticket fare when compared to other travels. I can go for KSRTC which is of same rate, but one should book the ticket prior to 10 days in order to travel. So in this post, I can give you few tips to make yourself charged up to face the possible situations while travelling in our own SETC. So, here we go

 The above cited points ain’t exaggeration or not trying to sully their reputation. I experienced it all and many will agree these. The one good point I can quote about SETC is their punctuality. Bus will start in time (5 to 10 mins delay). Other than this everything is negative. I suggest you guys to take train or KSRTC service, if you know your travel date in advance.

I hope TN government will take quick action on this and I wish to see our government travel service to raise their par equal to Karnataka government.



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  1. boopathi on December 19th, 2011 @ 5:42 pm

    They introduced online booking. http://www.tnstc.in

    But they increased the ticket fare and also increased the seat capacity by pushing all the seats little further which makes uncomfortable to sit.

  2. boopathi on October 9th, 2012 @ 12:33 pm

    And here is the update.. They almost replaced the old body with the new one. Now it looks decent and bedbugs free.. Though i am not traveling much in SETC, i can see the difference.

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